Operations Planning
Operations Planning is the result of weekly / monthly planning activities. It is usually based on an Annual Operations Plan (AOP) that acts as the company's annual target in terms of sales and supply. The standard Planning horizon for a typical S&OP process is medium-long term in the range 12–36 months.
Optimal Production Planning
How many different production scheduling could lead your company to satisfy market demand? Which is the best one? And most importantly, what does it mean the "best" one? We work with our clients to provide answers to those questions. Collecting data, testing hypohteses and devoloping a custom solver in order to achieve the best production planning in just few seconds.
Constraints checks
Production planning must satisfy several hard constraints and missing even one of them could delay production and cause dangerous situations. With our tools we can verify that every single constraint is fully satisfied.
Sometimes it's not straigthforward to choose a specific strategy to achieve a target production. Our framework allows users to simulate dozens of plannings in few seconds to visually see what would happen in different scenarios.