Sales and Promotions
A sales plan is a strategic process that outlines the business targets and sales activities. It typically follows a marketing plan, with more specific detail on how the goals can be achieved through the actual sale of products and services. Sales and marketing plans can be accurate only if companies have the right information to analyze the past and forecast the future.
Sales forecasting
Forecasting the future with good accuracy is one of the hardest task to achieve. Inside our framework are integrated some of the leading-edge algorithms that allow companies to easily predict future sales using both internal and external data. As a result, users can execute sales forecast simulations, analyze trends and seasonality of the sales forecast over time, model “What if” scenarios and understand performance with data visualization.
Sell-in and Sell-out
To achieve high forecasting accuracy, our system models sell-in and sell-out data. In addition, to improve overall estimation, companies can insert their own experience in the software. We don't want to replace humans, our goal is to empower the collaborative relationship between humans and machines.
No more guessing: improve promotion accuracy and increase revenues with data analytics. Our promotion management software breaks down marketing plan promotional activities into an easy-to-use interface. Understanding Gross Margin, ROI and Funds allow companies to deliver fast and accurate promotions.