Our Strategy

“In God we trust, all others must bring data”
James O’Shaughnessy

Unlock the power of your data

Keep Data Intuitive

Our first goal is to provide simple and intuitive results. Big Data can be difficult to manage but they are full of key insights. Analytics and data are transforming decision-making processes in leading organizations around the world. Yet, one of the main issue with analytics is that it can be difficult to explain. Our products allow the users to easily read, understand and interpret all the necessary information.

Trust your data

Our analytics solutions help you determine what happened, why it happened, and what will happen next. Using data correctly can make it a considerable competitive advantage as you will be able to explain and predict customers behaviour as well as market trends. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are challenging because they rapidly evolve over time. To always bring innovation, our team is currently developing new algorithms to ensure high-quality results and to handle open problems in Machine Learning. The era of Big Data has just begun... Are you ready to ride the wave of AI?

Think Outside the Box

How can you make accurate predictions without the big picture? Research on the effective usage of ICT for development suggests that Big Data technology can make important contributions but it also presents crucial challenges to International development. Advanced algorithms in Machine Learning and AI offer cost-effective opportunities to improve decision-making in critical development areas such as population growth, employment, economic productivity, crime, and natural disaster. The number of areas and variables involved are gigantic and final predictions are highly affected by the interaction of such randomness. That's why at GDP Analytics we elaborate large amount of information, from geographical features to financial stocks.


Shrinkage error

Testing and improving newest models is often not enough, optimizing is the key. To solve problems, current theory of Machine Learning relies on algorithms that terminate in a finite number of steps, or iterative methods that converge to a solution. Knowing how to choose an optimization algorithm is crucial to achieve not only the best result but also in the shortest time, allowing our clients fast responses to unexpected changes.

Our Analytics

Demand forecasting is one of the main challenges for retailers and wholesalers in any industry. Proper demand forecasting gives businesses valuable information about potential profits in their current market so that managers can take targeted decisions on pricing and business growth strategies. However, companies typically rely on classical methods or on pre-implemented software for their analyses. Our goal is to go beyond these "a priori methods", understanding specific features of our clients' market, considering intrinsic variables and latent phenomena to improve our forecast.
On the right it is showed a comparison between a classical vs our advanced model.

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