Workforce Management
Workforce management is the process of strategically optimizing employee productivity to ensure that all resources are in the right place and at the right time taking into account that employees skills, constraints and preferences.
Lack of medium term strategy
Making shifts is an extremely complex tasks and its difficulty increases exponentially with the length of the period considered, thus shifts are often planned on short term. The lack of medium-long term vision could expose companies to issues deriving from their workers' job contracts. For example, if your workers have monthly costs and monthly constraints, it could be dangerous to plan weekly shifts and even if it is not possible to have a longer shift plan, there exist strategies aimed to minimize risks.
Skills based shifts
Considering constraints, costs, variability and flexibility, workers' skills are often left apart. Thanks to our framework it possible to simulate the best skills/tasks match while minimizing costs and risks at the same time.
Hiring and contracts optimization
Are you sure that your hiring plan is aligned with medium-long term market demand? Different contracts have different constraints and flexibility. Overtime parameters can be a resource as well as one of the highest costs in the company, that why it's always fundamental to look at data and simulating future scenarios.